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Re: [subversive-dev] How to prevent automatic merge

Hello Biörn,

It's my fault for misleading you, I've misunderstood your question. There is the ConflictResolverCallback interface in both libraries, if we're talking about merging unresolved conflicts only. This interface is mapped to the ISVNConflictResolutionCallback in Subversive, but yet to be used anywhere. There is some merge models support in Subversive, but it seems to be working only when it is related to Synchronize View contents, while Merge View and Team->Update/Switch actions seems to be unaffected. I think there should be some code that should allow to consult models about merge through ISVNConflictResolutionCallback calls. I'll try asking the person who did implement a models support why it is working like it is now and how it was supposed to be.

Also, if it is not too hard for you and you can avoid revealing any commercial information, could you please give me some short sample of how it should look like in code on your side (so I can use it as a test case to ensure merge support works like it should)?

Best regards,

26.07.2012 15:06, Biörnstad, Biörn пишет:
Hi Alexander,

I am a bit confused by your answer. I have done tests with SVNKit and the Eclipse team framework. When using SVNKit, I am able to take control over the merging process through the ISVNMerger interface. In Eclipse, I seem to be able to do the same through a IResourceMappingMerger. However, it seems that the merger is invoked only when executing "Update All" in the synchronize view (MergeAllOperation/ModelMergeOperation), not during a "normal" update.

Can you clear up my confusion? What are the missing bits in Subversive?


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Hello Biörn,

Unfortunately there is no way to interfere with the SVN client library
merging files on update/merge/switch (neither one of both libraries -
SVN Kit and JavaHL - provides such API) and this is why it is impossible
in Subversive as well,

Best regards,

17.07.2012 16:02, Biörnstad, Biörn пишет:

What is the easiest way of preventing Subversive from automatically merging files? When the user executes an update operation, I do not want any automatic merges to take place, as with binary files.

I have tried providing an IResourceMappingMerger and an IStorageMerger, but it did not work for me.

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