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Re: [subversive-dev] svn not detected in linked resources ?

On Monday 21 November 2011, Alexander Gurov wrote:
> Hi Alexander,
> Subversive does not work with linked resources, as they're unrelated to
> the SVN working copy (they-re external resources in general).
> Are these files related to the actual project in your case and just
> linked to a different folder in the same project?
> If so, then something could be done there probably and I need to
> investigate the issue. If these resources are unrelated to the project
> and its working copy, then there is nothing that could be done.

From the Eclipse point of view, it is just some external directory.

But actually this external directory _is_ the root directory of the project, 
i.e. it is the top level directory of the checked out source tree.

But, since doing an out-of-source build using cmake, the generated .project 
file for Eclipse is not located in that top level source directory, but in the 
top level directory of the build tree (since out-of-source builds are not 
allowed to create anything inside the source tree, so multiple out-of-source 
builds for the same source tree don't interfere).

So for Eclipse it is just a directory somewhere outside, but actually it is 
the project root.

I tried to show that here with this example:

Source tree:

And a build tree for this source tree:


The generated project file src/automoc-build/.project now contains a link 
"[Source directory]", which points to the actual source directory, i.e. 

Does this explain the situation ?

What I could do if necessary:
* I (i.e. cmake) could add entries to the generated .project file (if there 
are entries which would help)
* I (i.e. cmake) could create e.g. a .subversive file next to the .project 
file and put some information in it, if this would help


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