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[subversive-dev] Status of Logical Model Integration support

Dear all,


I would like to ask you what the status of Subversive's support for Logical Model Integration (LMI) is, in particular which of the steps in [1] have been completed for Subversive.


The only information I could find on the topic was the Subversive New and Noteworthy for Galileo [2], which states that you have put much effort into supporting LMI. The corresponding bug even states that "... almost all Team API is implemented". However, prototypes on our side did not manage to uncover the complete support of LMI.


In our project, we want to integrate Subversive in our Eclipse product. A special requirement is that end-users will work exclusively with model objects and never see the corresponding workspace resources. Therefore, we would rely on a relatively complete support of LMI on the part of the Team provider. We are considering implementing missing Subversive features if necessary and contributing these back to the project.





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