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[subversive-dev] Install subversive connectors without internet connection

Hi all,

   Normally I am able to install any Eclipse plugin offline, either by using the offline update site copy or the zipped plugin itself. I can also get the subversive update site to download for later offline installation (subversive-download-site), but, when I start it, it uses the mylyn connector discovery mechanism that forces me to have an internet connection. I haven't been able to find any files to download on the polarion web site, since everything points to the update site and discovery site, so, my question is simple: Is there any way to install the SVN connectors without internet connection?

Thanks a lot.

Best regards, Gonzalo.
Frankfurter Str. 11 - 64293 - Darmstadt
Tel DE: +49 (0) 1767 71 51929
Tel ES: +34 678 252 458

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