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Re: [subversive-dev] Tag for Indigo release


There was no release for Subversive for quite a long time. So, there are development builds only and we didn't tag them.
The revisions for the code which were used for the Indigo simultaneous release are:
- 21024  for the main distribution
- 37368  for the connectors distribution
The Subversion 1.7 release  should solve some licensing issues that will allow us to move from the incubation phase and this is the time when we will publish and tag the actual release.
If there are issues with the development builds not being tagged, please tell me - we will change this policy.

Best regards,
Alexander Gurov.

17.09.2011 21:38, Natalia Bartol пишет:



Have there been any tag created in repository for Indigo release?

Where can I find which versions of sources have been used for building Subversive for Indigo?

Why all plugins in trunk have hardcoded version with qualifier?


Thank you and best regards

Natalia Bartol


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