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  • [pdt-dev] Financial or other support to get PDT up to PHP 8.x support?, Basil Mohamed Gohar
  • [pdt-dev] JUnit Plug-in Test launch target & Plugin selection, Christian Pontesegger
  • [pdt-dev] Javascript syntax highlighting in mixed PHP/HTML files, Basil Mohamed Gohar
  • [pdt-dev] XXE in PDT, Steven Seeley
  • [pdt-dev] General questions about PDT infra, Munawar Hafiz
  • [pdt-dev] PHP 8 Support plan, Mostafa Barmshory
  • [pdt-dev] Bump?, Basil Mohamed Gohar
  • [pdt-dev] "The server does not support version 7.4 of the PHP Project specification.", Basil Mohamed Gohar
  • [pdt-dev] Introduce own internal model, Marc Veary
  • [pdt-dev] PDT 8 and/or 9 plan, Dawid Pakuła
  • [pdt-dev] Moving project to GitHub, Dawid Pakuła
  • [pdt-dev] Pushing project forward, Dawid Pakuła
  • [pdt-dev] Handly based model, Dawid Pakuła
  • [pdt-dev] PDT on, Dawid Pakuła
  • [pdt-dev] Mark TI and CA api as provisional, Dawid Pakuła
  • [pdt-dev] Moving to Gerrit., Eclipse Webmaster
  • [pdt-dev] PDT 6.1 require WTP 3.11, Dawid Pakuła
  • [pdt-dev] PDT 6.0 RC4 and 6.1, Dawid Pakuła
  • [pdt-dev] Migrate to EPL 2.0, Dawid Pakuła
  • [pdt-dev] PDT 6.0 N&N, Dawid Pakuła
  • [pdt-dev] FW: confirm 0ed3703c70bc000447af24ad6505511aa9c466b9, Peter Schaeffer
  • [pdt-dev] Eclipse PDT, Peter Schaeffer

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