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[pdt-dev] Eclipse PDT

Hi Folks,


A few weeks ago I had a problem with PDT. See the links below for a description.



As you can see, I posted the problem in a few places but didn’t get much of a response. I really wasn’t that surprised. The problem is pretty deep.


Then I had a idea. Perhaps I could figure the problem out from the PDT source code and contribute the fix (assuming that it’s a bug rather than a configuration error on my part) back to you folks.


My next step was to try to install the PDT development environment. Basically, I followed the instructions over at PDT/Contributing ( but did not end with a working environment. See the images below.


I was able to make a bit more progress by removing a few entries from the PSF file. However, I still ended up with lots or errors.


What is the correct approach for doing this?


Thank you


Peter Schaeffer






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