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Re: [pdt-dev] Moving project to GitHub

It's a great move for me too!

About continuous integration: I'd use GitHub Actions instead of TravisCI as well. They are much faster and have higher limits (see ).


Il Lun 4 Mag 2020, 23:45 Dawid Pakuła <zulus@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
Hi Team,

As I mentioned in past, we have to push project forward. Since we lost support from Zend we have to find more contributors (commiters, testers, etc..).
In long term, I and Thierry can’t be only developers. 

I believe that most of PHP developers currently have account in GitHub:
1. Symfony Framework / Symfony Libraries
2. Zend Framework / Laminess
3. Laravel
4. Prestashop
5. Magento
6. PHPUnit
7. Most composer libs

So I want move our project to GitHub also:

1. We can use travis for path-builds
2. Github branch/pull-request rather than Gerrit path set
3. One-commit - one-feature can be achieved via force push on feature_branch

I hope this will allow us to reach new people.

Any thoughts/objections. If not I’d like to start migrations process after two weeks.

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