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[pdt-dev] Javascript syntax highlighting in mixed PHP/HTML files

Does PDT currently support highlighting _javascript_ code that is part of a mixed HTML/PHP file?  For example, this screenshot demonstrates what I'm missing:

The code is also included here as an example:

    <script src=""></script>
    <script type="text/_javascript_">
            var USER_TYPE = "<?php echo $UserLevel; ?>";
            function LoadData(byTeacher){
                jQuery("#imgLoading").css("display", "inline");
                var grade     = jQuery("#selGrade option:selected").val();
                var section = jQuery("#selSection option:selected").val();
                var dateVal = jQuery("#tbDateDisplay").val();
                var period     = jQuery("#selPeriod option:selected").val();
                var teacher = jQuery("#selTeacher option:selected").val();

This file is named "PeriodAttendance.php", and it contains a mix of PHP, HTML, and _javascript_ code.  The PHP and HTML code are correctly highlighted, but the _javascript_ code enclosed in HTML <script> tags are not recognized.

Is there a way to get this working, is this not supported, or am I missing something that would tie all of this together?

This would be an amazingly useful feature for working in modern web development and frameworks, as such files tend to include these kinds of mixed content.




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