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[pdt-dev] Financial or other support to get PDT up to PHP 8.x support?

I'd like to offer to help get some kind of support, whether financial or otherwise, to the PDT project in order to get development going again, especially with regards to PHP 8.2 support, which is just about to be released.  As it stands now, PDT only supports up to 7.4.

Please let me know if there's some way that we can bring in support from outside, whether through sponsors or development resources, and if so, how best we can manage that.

I don't want to pressure the core developers, rather, I just want to offer support.  Sadly, I'm not fluent in Java so I don't think I can contribute directly, else I would have long ago.

I hope this garners some support, because I love PDT as a tool and I would love to keep using it, but there are key features in the latest versions of PHP (such as the match construct) that just aren't recognized and are parsed as errors in PDT currently.



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