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[pdt-dev] Handly based model


Since couple months I’m playing with handly[1], and I have to say it’s look very, very interesting.

It will allow us to take full control of our model, and rather loosing time for adapters, managers and synchronizers.

In current state DLTK models is mostly copy/paste/modify model from JDT, and have a lot of limitations:

1. Strong separation between class path and other resources:
 1. Hard to play with files that have mixed content
 2. Nearly impossible to add only one file to buildpath
2. No interface list in ITypes
3. No real support for nested namespace
4. No support for multiple ImportContainer
5. No ability to keep PHPDoc reference or other information for IType/IFile/IMethod
6. Impossible to keep in regular way information about trait structure
7. No ability to register class aliases
And more…

PHP evolve year by year, new construct might require even more model elements, maybe even true annotations }:->

DLTK model is very complex. It not only contain model structure, but also shortcuts for partial TI/CA, TypeHierarchy calculations… Many of this features doesn’t work on PDT or works incorrectly.

For now, I would like to ask, how our model should look like. 

Do we need strong separation between project and IProjectFragments? Or should it should be more like composer.json.

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