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[pdt-dev] PDT 6.0 RC4 and 6.1

Hi Team,

I bumped PDT version to 6.1 on master and prepared stable-6.0 branch for possible RC4 builds.

Note: After Photon there will be no longer named releases, we will be part of streamed releases named Eclipse YYYY-MM each 3 months, next will be Eclipse 2018.09. See [1] and [2].

As always simple ask: What (if any) have you plan for next release?
From me main tasks:
  1. I want continue work on CA / Validation performance, precision, reliability:
    1. Introduce “override” and “potential” proposition (327988)
    2. Improve relevance, for ex “already imported first”
    3. Make sure CA provide as valid PHP code (“;” after statements, better control constructuts etc..)
  2. Harmonisation between feature like (530694):
    1. Share SSH connection information between debug configurations and synchronised projects
    2. Reduce number of project wizards
  3. Continue work on DLTK level to introduce custom models (Handly have now stable API so we could use it as DLTK model replacement) (265803)
  4. everything that annoys me during regular PHP/Symfony work, this list is very long :P

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