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Re: [pdt-dev] Pushing project forward

Long time user, first (or maybe not) poster.

PDT is a critical project for me because it remains one of, if not the only, fully free and open source PHP-focused IDEs out there and it really covers a huge swath of features on top of all the advantages that come from the Eclipse ecosystem as well.

I don't think I'm qualified enough to comment on points 1–4 as I think this is more for the developers/maintainers to comment on on decide, but as to the move to a more accessible and visible issue/bug tracker, I would support that and it would probably get more folks involved in issuing and triaging bugs if a more family Github or Gitlab interface was available.

While I don't like supporting proprietary systems, the network effects of Github are tough to deny.  If the team can sustain a hybrid approach of both the Eclipse Gitlab as well as a public Github project and manage issues between the two (maybe consider Gitlab canonical but accept issues on Github) I think you'll get a lore more overall involvement.

These are just my thoughts as a developer over the past 16 years and also a user of PDT since I knew about it.



On 1/27/20 9:03 AM, Dawid Pakuła wrote:

Couple days I opened thread for Handly migration. Despite to final results I looking for way to get involved more people into project.

For now we have two active comitters, Me and Thierry. We have couple supporters on bugzilla (for ex. Filipus and Michele). Due a this I’m afraid that sooner or later project will be dead or at stagnated.
Our PHP package is quite popular, and we have stable number of downloads: ~30 000 for EPP + ~10 000 from marketplace. Some distributions like Ubuntu have own packages so don’t know everything.

Our code base evolved a lot since last 5 years, and now is much easier to implement new features or improve existing, but we still have incredible mess :P

So, how to push project forward?

1. Validation and PHP model :  as I wrote earlier I think we should abandon some DLTK features and implement own model and inferencer. Without this upcoming PHP 8 will be extremely hard to implement in efficient way.
2. _javascript_ integration : JSDT is dead, we should add Wild Web Developer features
3. We have over 500 bugs, and they are still relevant
4. Nuclear option : switch to Generic Text Editor without WTP

Project management:
I liked Eclipse Bugzilla/Gerrit/GIT/Jenkins infrastructure but most of our users probably prefer GitHub or GitLab. I think we should consider switching to GitHub or upcoming Eclipse GitLab instance. 

Please say what you think? Commiters, contributors, users, adopters? 

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