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  • [incubation] CI available?, Stephane Epardaud
  • [incubation] Registration with Eclipse Foundation issues..., Kevin Sutter
  • [incubation] "Masquerade as project lead" question, Kevin Sutter
  • [incubation] Test only dependencies do not require the discussion any more?, Oliver Kopp
  • [incubation] Mailing lists not getting committer election e-mails, mark.booth
  • [incubation] How do we move github repos from our organisation to the Eclipse organisation?, Stephane Epardaud
  • [incubation] Humongous pre-req deps, Stephane Epardaud
  • [incubation] Delivery Status Notification (Failure), 82ee9d11
  • [incubation] Delivery Status Notification (Delay), 82ee9d11
  • [incubation] IP policy for transitive dependencies, Hudalla Kai (INST/ECS4)
  • [incubation] Eclipse Github organisation Travis builds slow to start, mark.booth
  • [incubation] Project logo approval, Torkild U. Resheim
  • [incubation] Initial contributions questions, Stephane Epardaud
  • [incubation] Algorithm for (Current) icon on Project Release page?, Kevin Sutter
  • [incubation] Handling Copyright Headers in Model Examples and Libraries, Alois Z.
  • [incubation] Modifying the configuration for our Eclipse github repos?, Kevin Sutter
  • [incubation] EPLv2 missing in Github, MAGGI Benoit
  • [incubation] Is there any way to tell who is subscribed to our dev mailing list?, mark.booth
  • [incubation] Updates to Eclipse auto-generated project data, Kevin Sutter
  • [incubation] TEA Icon/Logo, Duft Markus
  • Re: [incubation] continuous integration of another Eclipse project..., Daniel Megert
  • [incubation] continuous integration of another Eclipse project..., Mark Stoodley

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