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[incubation] Question about third party code contribution

We have received a sizable code contribution from a non-committer to our project (Eclipse RDF4J). The contribution is a whole new functional module, and comprises roughly 1,500 lines of code.

There's an open Pull Request for it at .

This is first time we've dealt with this so I just want to be sure I understand what steps need to be taken. Do I understand correctly that with a contribution this size, simply having the contributor sign the CLA is not enough?

I had a look at the outlined procedure in the Project Handbook (, judging from the diagram there our case falls under figure 3: "Written 100% by Submitting Contributor (Non-Committer) and Submitted under the terms of the Project License". But the steps following from that are not completely clear to me.

First of all, it says the submitter needs to log a Bugzilla entry and attach code. But then later in the flow (page 3) it talks about creating a CQ and _again_ attaching the code as a zip. Do we really need to do both? Or is simply submitting a CQ once and attaching the contribution to the resulting IPZilla issue enough?

Second question: can I, as project lead, submit the CQ/Bugzilla ticket(s) on behalf of the submitter?

Final question: should the zip file we submit already be the "ready to go" version, that is use the project license headers and package structure and so on?

Kind regards,


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