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  • Re: [] Architecture Council Meeting Tomorrow, April 10th, 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern, 5pm European time, (continued)
  • [] StAC Meeting Cancelled, Donald Smith
  • [] Reminder - Architectural council call on April 10 at 11:00 AM EDT, Mary Ruddy
  • [] Reminder: Informal Architecture Council meeting at EclipseCon E4 BOF tonight, Ingo Muschenetz
  • [] Fw: [cross-project-issues-dev] p2 enabled builds, John Arthorne
  • [] [*** SPAM ***]Your comments on a standard project plan format, Bjorn Freeman-Benson
  • [] New Architecture Council members: Thomas Watson, Doug Clarke, Oliver Cole, Markus Knauer, Chris Aniszczyk, Bjorn Freeman-Benson
  • [] One more 'meeting reminders' email.., Bjorn Freeman-Benson
  • [] Minutes from today's call, Bjorn Freeman-Benson
  • [] Draft revisions to the Eclipse Development Process, Bjorn Freeman-Benson
  • [] another Architecture council nomination, Harm Sluiman
  • RE: [] Nomination for Thomas Watson andDoug Clarke, naci . dai
  • [] Eclipse 4.0 (was Eclipse Project Announcement and Project Review Schedule), Jochen Krause
  • [] Nomination for Thomas Watson and Doug Clarke, Jochen Krause
  • [] RE: [] RE:[] Eclipse Project AnnouncementandProject Review Schedule, Mike Milinkovich
  • [] RE: Eclipse Project AnnouncementandProject Review Schedule, Schaefer, Doug
  • [] RSVP For Strategic Advisory Council Kick-Off May 5th, 2008, Donald Smith
  • [] Nominations for new Architecture Council members?, Bjorn Freeman-Benson
  • [] Bundle and Java package naming, John Arthorne
  • [] Draft Minutes - please review, Schaefer, Doug
  • [] We have a moderator/note-taker, Anne Jacko
  • [] We need a volunteer moderator for this week's call, Anne Jacko
  • [] Architecture Council call back on again; still RSVP for EclipseCon, Bjorn Freeman-Benson
  • [] call canceled; RSVP for EclipseCon please, Anne Jacko
  • [] Please excuse the extraneous post about modeling components, Anne Jacko

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