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Re: [] Things Committers should know

Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on 24/02/2009 11:25
> ...
>  Links to content
> ...
>    1. There is some adequate disclaimers that make it clear that
> although this is a "related link" that this is not Eclipse content.
>    2. The link to the existing code is not just be a direct link to
> content. It has to be a link to a download page on the external site.
>    3. The link to their download page needs to be such that it brings up
> an entirely new browser so that it is made even more apparent to the
> user that they are leaving the website.
Can we get someone to do a standard script that implements these offsite links, so the burden on content authors is lower and there is a common L&F?


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