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Re: [eclipse.org-architecture-council] Things Committers Should Know

I think this looks good. Question I have though, is there any restriction by the Foundation on links to Articles published elsewhere? Should we recommend standard MLA or similar notation be used when citing information from other sources?


Wayne Beaton wrote:
Hey Folks. I'd really like to get this series properly bootstrapped. Here is the entry that I'd like to send out tomorrow unless somebody has any issue with it.

Links to non-eclipse.org content

Occasionally, you may want or need to provide links to external content [1] from your project website. Several projects do this today: it's an excellent way to provide more information for your project, and help to make your project become part of the community. Some projects link to websites that showcase how the project's code is being used by the community, some to FAQs and other sources of information.

The content on the Eclipse website and wiki is subject to the Eclipse Terms of Use [2]. Information, downloads, and other kinds of information found on other websites are likely subject to different terms of use. In consideration of this, it is critical that your project's consumers are made explicitly aware of where the Eclipse project's website ends and the third-party site begins.

You can provide links from your Eclipse project's web site to external resources (e.g. binaries, code, etc.), provided that:

1. There is some adequate disclaimers that make it clear that although this is a "related link" that this is not Eclipse content.
2. The link to the existing code is not just be a direct link to content. It has to be a link to a download page on the external site.
3. The link to their download page needs to be such that it brings up an entirely new browser so that it is made even more apparent to the user that they are leaving the eclipse.org website.

[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Development_Resources#Committers_and_The_Eclipse.Org_Website

[2] http://www.eclipse.org//legal/termsofuse.php --

Thoughts, concerns, criticisms?

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