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Re: [eclipse.org-architecture-council] Sample Wiki Home Pages

So, I do like some of the organization of that wiki site, but I see a few problems.

The JAXWS page should be categorized under WebTools somehow... something like:
     http://wiki.eclipse.org/WTP/JAXWS (or even under WTP/Incubator)

It would be great to see project wiki pages take advantage of the template infobox. Check out the top right Equinox wiki page:

To enable those infoboxes, simply editor your wiki and put something like this in it:

| name = Equinox
| download = http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/equinox/
| website = http://eclipse.org/equinox
| list = equinox-dev
| newsgroup = eclipse.technology.equinox
| product = Equinox
| viewvc = org.eclipse.equinox/?root=RT_Project
| psf = http://dev.eclipse.org/viewcvs/index.cgi/org.eclipse.equinox/?root=RT_Project

I also like the calendar integration into the wiki as in the past, it's always been a pain in the ass to track the various project meetings I have to attend.

On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 12:38 PM, David Carver <dcarver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
As discussed on today's call, here is a sample of a Wiki home page for the JAXWS project which I think is a good landing point:


In particulary I like the organization at the bottom that leads to the other portions of the wiki.


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