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[] How to customize your wiki left nav so it matches the left nav on your php web pages

The Eclipse Webmasters created this cool facility to allow your project to customize the left nav on your wiki pages to match the left nav on your php web pages.


There are just two things you need to do to implement it:


1)      Reference your project name at the top of each of your wiki pages.  For example:



Don’t worry, this doesn’t display on your actual wiki pages.  Yes you need to include the {{ }}.


2)      Specify your left nav links in your project meta data in your Eclipse Committer portal.  See attached screen shots.   The Higgins project was the original guinea pig for this new facility, so the facility may have evolved since we first started to use it.  Let me know if you need more info.  The meta data update facility lets you add or delete link information.  I just specify the link name, the link URL and the order of the link  (I’m not currently using the last two fields.)   







Attachment: WikiNav1.PNG
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