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[] 15-Jan AC Phone Meeting Notes(ACTION REQUIRED!)

Hi all,
Notes of yesterday's meeting are now online:
Some updates / additional notes:
  • I checked the Mentorship assignments in the portal, and I'm glad to say that after adding 3 more mentors the state of the portal now accurately reflects the state of the Wiki page. Thanks to all who have entered their info. We'll now need to think about how to move forward with this information.
  • I moved the Package vs. Product discussion into bug 261365 [1] for follow-up by the PC. Mik, you may want to announce your EclipseCon demo of the bug reporting wizard on that bug, too. As I have mentioned, my feeling is that this discussion is more for the PC to follow up on than the AC ... though, of course, everyone can opt-in on the bug.
Action Items:
  • Everyone: I updated the AC web representation [2], and I consider it "complete" now. Action Item for Everyone: please review the pages and fix or discuss anything that you're not comfortable with. The pages represent our collective understanding of the AC and its vision, and capture the reasons and procedures of doing what we do. The statements there need to be collectively supported and agreed on by all of us - especially in the light of the EclipseCon panel. Please use bug 261361 [3] for reporting back any comments.
  • The Tools PMC is the only PMC who has not yet named official Reps. Please make your choice until the next meeting.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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