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[] [Bug 262186] New: [org] Subject tags for AC bugzilla  
Product/Component: Community / Architecture Council
           Summary: [org] Subject tags for AC bugzilla
           Product: Community
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows XP
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: P3
         Component: Architecture Council
        ReportedBy: martin.oberhuber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

On the AC, we have many interesting ideas and topics that we cannot resolve
immediately. I'm increasingly seeing bugzilla as a great tool for handling all
of these ideas -- by that way, they don't get lost, they are searchable, they
convey all discussions related, and they have a state (NEW, FIXED).

In order to better organize the various kinds of topics that we are discussing,
I'd like to introduce some tags to put on the "Summary" line on bugzilla. That
way, we can sort&group search results by category, and on E-Mail notifications
the category becomes immediately evident.

I have created an initial list of tags (along with a more formal description of
our current bugzilla process) on the Wiki:
this page is not yet linked into the other AC Wiki pages and doesn't have a
Category yet, so it is considered a draft for now. I intend to make the page
"go live" after a week's review time.

Please edit the Wiki, or place comments and suggestions here on the bug. My
current initial list is neither complete nor orthogonal, it may be misleading
or awkward to use - so if you have ideas for renaming,removing,splitting or
combining tags please let me know. The number of tags should be small enough to
remember. Interestingly, I also see these tags nicely convey the areas of
things that we are dealing with, so this alone makes the discussion worthwile. 

----------------------- List of proposed tags -------------------------
The list of tags below is just a copy of what's on the Wiki. I include it below
for reference (and for those who just read the mail), but for better formatting
you better stop reading here and go to the Wiki URL mentioned above. Tags are
sorted by relevance, i.e. the number of currently existing bugs that would

          [org] - anything related to internal organization of the AC work.
                  I had also considered [acorg].
      [mentors] - anything related to mentorship, i.e. Community request for 
                  a mentor but also discussions about mentorship.
          [api] - discussions about API in its widest sense, which I'd 
                  categorize as the technical interfaces between projects
                  working together.

        [infra] - discussions about infrastructure in support of
                  better or more efficient development work. Related to
                  [process], could probably be superceded by [process].
      [process] - Discussions about optimizations in the development process,
                  i.e. anything that would make committers work with more fun
                  and more efficiently. Related to [infra].
           [ip] - Discussions related to IP, and Legal questions. Potential 
                  candidates for sensitive information to be put into IPZilla.
    [community] - Discussions about Community Building, or social aspects 
                  such as Bugzilla Netiquette and "how to" interact with the
[microprojects] - Discussions specifically related in support of small 
                  projects with few resources. Not sure if we need this.
       [coding] - Discussions, questions or ideas related to actual coding
                  patterns, idioms or best practices - the practical stuff.
         [info] - Discussions about how to better inform the Community-at-
                  large, i.e. publishing EMO or process information.

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