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RE: [] Things Committers should know

Hi Wayne,

>  Links to content

Great posting!

Could you add a hyperlink into the devprocess or wiki where
the original reference text of that requirement is to be found?

>  Component == Project

I apologize for not reading all the dev.process for this, but
some things of what you write here seem odd and/or may need some
more clarification:

1. To what extent is the new model executed already? At least
   from the Platform I know there's tons of components.

2. How does an existing project (==leaf node) add a new subproject
   or turn an existing component into a project? Looks like that
   would turn it into a container thus making its existing content
   void? What's the turnaround time for the project proposal?
   Is there a streamlined process for the existing component -> 
   project case? Where do I turn to asking such questions?

3. This message seems to apply to project leads only, does it 
   actually make sense to send that under the "committers should
   know" label?


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