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[eclipse.org-architecture-council] StAC Meeting reminder @ EclipseCon



This is a reminder of the StAC meeting on Sunday, March 22nd from 3-5pm in the Bayshore Room at the Hyatt [1]


For reference, the AC has a number of agenda items they plan to bring to the StAC Meeting. [2]


I’ve confirmed Mike will be able to attend and we will have a great board-representeded-role-of-the-councils-how-can-we-better-work-together smack down!


See you Sunday!


-          Don


[1] - http://wiki.eclipse.org/StAC

[2] - http://wiki.eclipse.org/Architecture_Council/Meetings/March_22_F2F_EclipseCon_2009


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EclipseCon 2009, March 23-26