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  • Re: [platform-vision] Minutes from December 3/2014, (continued)
  • [platform-vision] EveryDetailMatters, Aleksandar Kurtakov
  • [platform-vision] Building the workspace blocks user interaction, Lars Vogel
  • [platform-vision] Simplify the committer workflow at the Eclipse foundation, Lars Vogel
  • [platform-vision] This week's meeting, Wayne Beaton
  • [platform-vision] Include JVM based languages in the Vision statement?, Lars Vogel
  • [platform-vision] can you send out actual calendar invites ?, Max Rydahl Andersen
  • [platform-vision] Involve important stack holders in this group?, Lars Vogel
  • [platform-vision] Platform vision: minutes from Oct 29 and next meeting, Wayne Beaton
  • [platform-vision] Meeting today, Wayne Beaton
  • [platform-vision] No meeting tomorrow, Wayne Beaton
  • [platform-vision] Meeting, Lars Vogel
  • [platform-vision] Face-to-face meeting at EclipseCon, Wayne Beaton
  • [platform-vision] Joining the meeting on Wednesday, Mike Milinkovich
  • [platform-vision] rebooting my mailing list subscription, Max Rydahl Andersen
  • [platform-vision] Platform vision, minutes from October 15 and summary, Wayne Beaton
  • [platform-vision] Platform vision, minutes from October 8 and next meeting, Wayne Beaton
  • [platform-vision] Follow-Up on Last Week's Call, Daniel Megert
  • [platform-vision] Call today, meeting minutes, Wayne Beaton
  • [platform-vision] 9/24 Meeting Notes, Daniel Megert
  • [platform-vision] No Call Today?, Daniel Megert
  • [platform-vision] Minutes from September 17, 2014, Wayne Beaton
  • [platform-vision] Deputy, Daniel Megert
  • [platform-vision] Eclipse Vision: Meeting today at Noon EDT, Wayne Beaton
  • [platform-vision] Meeting minutes (and more), September 10/2014, Wayne Beaton
  • Welcome to platform-vision, portal on behalf of emo

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