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Re: [platform-vision] This week's meeting

Once again -  I missed this again ;/

I'll ask again - can you please send a calendar invite to the list so it shows up no matter in ones calendar if one is drowning in email ;)

Any chance of a summary of yesterdays call ?

btw. 11 Eastern is generally much better for me than 12 eastern.


The Planning Council call is scheduled for 12 eastern time, so I'm going to change the timing of our call to 11 am ET on Wednesday. Is this particularly bad for anybody? We can move this earlier in the day if desired.

Phone numbers

North America 1-866-569-4992
Germany 49-692-2224-6059
France 33-(0)-17-070-8535
UK 0800-033-7806
Switzerland 41-44-580-2115
Sweden 46-85-063-8386
Italy 003-902-3604-8268

Then enter the participant conference extension: 430, then enter pin 4718
Alternatively, SIP clients can call 430@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, then enter pin 4718

Our last two calls just didn't work, so I have no minutes to post. The one thing that we did decide was to skip last week. I dropped the ball in terms of communicating this decision.

It's probably time to reset this discussion.


I wrote a piece on the vision for the newsletter [1]. I think that I stayed true to our discussion to date, but did modify some of the words and ordering of our working statement. If I've said anything horribly wrong, let me know.

You'll notice that I've started referring to this as a vision for the Eclipse Developer's Platform to further disambiguate this from the Eclipse Platform project and reinforce that we're talking about a development platform, not everything else that Eclipse is and contains.

I believe that the vision boils down to this:

Our vision is to build leading desktop and cloud-based development solutions, but more importantly to offer a seamless development experience across them. Our goal is to ensure that developers will have the ability to build, deploy, and manage their assets using the device, location and platform best suited for the job at hand. Eclipse projects, the community, and ecosystem will all continue to invest in and grow desktop Eclipse. Full-function cloud-based developer tools delivered in the browser will emerge and revolutionize software development.

Continued focus on quality and performance, out-of-the-box experience, Java 9, and first class Maven and Gradle support also figure prominently in our vision of a powerful developerâs platform.

We have an open discussion regarding JVM languages support. I think that it would be a good addition. Adding it does not imply that any specific Eclipse project will do any work. This leads me to the strategy discussion...

I'd like to spend most of our time on Wednesday talking strategy. How do we make this happen?


* Actively recruit resources for vision-fulfilling technologies
* Actively recruit JVM language projects
* Focus EF resources on vision-fulfilling technologies
* Focus on user experience; make the user the first priority (i.e. before adopters)
* Focus on out-of-the-box experience
* Fix the little things
* Fix some big things
* Focus on performance
* Specific marketing focus
* Get the Che project building at Eclipse
* Facilitate coordination between Che and Eclipse Platform developers

Obviously "focus" can't be the right word if we use it too many times.

Let me know immediately if the date/time do not work for you. Feel free to start discussing any of these topics in the mailing list.


[1] https://www.eclipse.org/community/eclipse_newsletter/2014/november/article4.php
Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
EclipseCon 2015 <http://www.eclipsecon.org/na2015>
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