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Re: [platform-vision] Involve important stack holders in this group?

On 17 Nov 2014, at 23:34, Lars Vogel wrote:

**1.) Update the programming model for the Eclipse IDE to Java 8 (or Java 9 once out)**

For example provide functional interfaces for SWT listeners. Providing Java 8 in our API will make contributions more attractive and smooth. 

**2.) No blocking / allow cancellation in the UI by the Builder framework **

This one hits me personally at least a few times per day. The automatic builder is running and block me from doing anything else. AFAIK main issue ishttps://[](

See also [](

**3.) Best support for Maven and Gradle**

I think that one is already in the list, but I think we should also here what the next build superstar Gradle needs here. Quote from the list:"Some discussion of integration problems between Maven and JDT. Dani thinks there may be a mechanism available to address their classpath problems."

So one thing I just got reminded of when reading back log of emails is that pushing for Java8, no blocking/allow cancellation and best support for maven and gradle is all truly great ideas - and platform and JDT is playing an essential role in making that happen.

But there is one big part missing in all of this and that is the web tools project (WTP).

If that project is not part of this kind of move (java8 will break things a lot afaik?) then we would be screwed or at least have *alot* of functionality disappear with no good replacement. (Think xml, html, javascript editing/validation/content assist, server start/stop, project facets etc.)

I don't have a good solution for this but just something that popped into my head when reading this.


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