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  • Re: [platform-dev] Several repositories moved to Github, (continued)
  • [platform-dev] The p2 gerrit builds are failing right at the start, Ed Merks
  • [platform-dev] Eclipse and Equinox 4.23 (2022-03) M3 reminders, Kit Lo
  • [platform-dev] Fwd: [Bug 305081] [api] IInstallableUnit#getFilter is marked noReference, Ed Merks
  • [platform-dev] Eclipse Project is Frozen?, Ed Merks
  • [platform-dev] CI Bot not Working?, Ed Merks
  • [platform-dev] Gerrits do not trigger jobs anymore, Andrey Loskutov
  • [platform-dev] Eclipse SWT Usage Change-External, Apoorva Maheshwari
  • [platform-dev] Anyone with ruby skills willing to help getting maven-target support for dependabot?, Christoph Läubrich
  • [platform-dev] main vs test source causing annoyance, Mickael Istria
  • [platform-dev] Eclipse and Equinox 4.23 (2022-03) M2 complete, Kit Lo
  • [platform-dev] Eclipse and Equinox 4.23 (2022-03) M2 reminders, Kit Lo
  • [platform-dev] Best approach to branch good old Eclipse 3.8, Mário Marinato
  • Re: [platform-dev] [pde-dev] Migrate PDE to Github?, Andrey Loskutov
  • [platform-dev] Where is the e4 model for the workbench located?, Hoepfner, Marcus
  • [platform-dev] New API analysis option in IDE, Andrey Loskutov
  • [platform-dev] Eclipse and Equinox 2022-03 (4.23) M1 is available, Kit Lo
  • [platform-dev] Eclipse and Equinox 4.23 (2022-03) M1 sign off, Kit Lo
  • [platform-dev] Pull request rejected because "Eclipse project is currently in a code freeze period", Thomas Singer
  • [platform-dev] PGP Signing Question?, Ed Merks
  • [platform-dev] Eclipse and Equinox 4.23 (2022-03) M1 reminders, Kit Lo
  • [platform-dev] Getting the solution of a P2 resolve operation including missing requirements, Christoph Läubrich
  • [platform-dev] Proposal for new BorderLayout, comments/review welcome, Christoph Läubrich
  • [platform-dev] Provide a .zip p2 repository on, Ratz, Sebastian
  • [platform-dev] Display.getSystemColor() returns different color in Dark Theme depending on when it is called, Alois Zoitl
  • [platform-dev] Unsigned Content?, Ed Merks

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