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  • Re: [paho-dev] MQTT C++ Client options, (continued)
  • [paho-dev] Eclipse IoT Day - Singapore summary, Ian Craggs
  • [paho-dev] Client Publications rejected / QoS error, Mike Maikaefer
  • [paho-dev] MQTT debugging tool?, Mike Maikaefer
  • [paho-dev] paho async, saurabh singh
  • [paho-dev] C client release 1.3 with MQTT V5 and websockets support, Ian Craggs
  • [paho-dev] 1.4.0 release of Eclipse Paho - discrepancies between PMI/GH repos/actually released versions?, Benjamin Cabé
  • [paho-dev] Paho MQTT V5 sandbox server, Ian Craggs
  • [paho-dev] Paho C Client MQTT V5 release, Ian Craggs
  • [paho-dev] release site is only updated to 1.0.2, Jian Liang
  • [paho-dev] Mqtt, saurabh singh
  • [paho-dev] Paho MQTT Python pull request, tarun wadhwa
  • [paho-dev] Fwd: [iot-wg] Announcing Eclipse IoT Day Singapore | Sept 18, Ian Craggs
  • [paho-dev] Moving to Gerrit., Eclipse Webmaster
  • [paho-dev] Android Paho client on Andriod OS 8 (Oreo) issue, Kostas Kalogirou
  • [paho-dev] Paho C client utilities and man pages, Ian Craggs
  • [paho-dev] MQTT-SN fowarder encapsulation packet format should be changed, Tomoaki Yamaguchi
  • [paho-dev] Fwd: [mqtt-comment] Ready to accept Statements of Use for MQTT v5.0, Ian Craggs
  • [paho-dev] Publish does not appear in Broker, Mike Maikaefer
  • [paho-dev] Paho video call today at 13:30 (UK time), Ian Craggs
  • [paho-dev] Test Paho against an MQTT 5 broker, Dominik Obermaier
  • [paho-dev] MQTT with SSL, j tools
  • [paho-dev] Thoughts on help for Eclipse Paho, Ian Craggs
  • [paho-dev] Paho regular online meeting schedule, Ian Craggs
  • [paho-dev] MQTT V5 support in Paho C client, Ian Craggs
  • [paho-dev] CFP Deadline July 16 - All Things IoT @ EclipseCon Europe, Roxanne Joncas
  • [paho-dev] [paho.mqtt.ruby] Complete the paho.mqtt.ruby submission, Pierre Goudet
  • [paho-dev] PMC Approval required for Committer Election for Pierre Goudet on Eclipse Paho, emo
  • [paho-dev] Committer Election for Pierre Goudet on Eclipse Paho has started, emo
  • [paho-dev] ESP-IDF - Subscribe and Yield, Hitesh Pratyush V
  • [paho-dev] Plan to archive some Java client sub-projects, James Sutton1
  • [paho-dev] Regarding SSL for MQTT, Velayuthaperumal
  • [paho-dev] C API changes for MQTT V5, Ian Craggs
  • [paho-dev] A request for committer status on components, Ian Craggs

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