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[paho-dev] Upcoming plans for Paho C++ and Rust libraries

Hey All,

A quick update on my plans for the Paho C++ and Rust client libraries...

Paho Rust Client

As I posted a few days ago, a pre-release version of the Paho Rust library (v0.4) was uploaded to that language's package repository, Over the long US holiday weekend, I knocked out most of the remaining known issues and am currently doing some life and stress tests on it. When done, later this week, I will upload v0.5, and leave that to percolate while I switch focus to the C++ library. So far, this appears stable and is fully featured for MQTT v3.1.1, based on the Paho C v1.2.x library.

The next step for the Rust library will commence in early 2019, to add support for the following:
  • Rust Futures and (optional) Tokio
  • Rust 2018 release
  • Wrap the Paho C library v1.3 to get:
    • MQTT v5
    • WebSockets

Paho C++ Client Library

This week, I am finally turning my attention back to the C++ library. I plan two releases over the next few months. First I plan a minor point release to fix bugs with the existing version and update the build system. This will still target MQTT v3.1.1 via Paho v1.2.x.

With that in place, I will then start working on the new features for MQTT v5 and WebSockets.

Point Release (End of 2018)

Bug fixes and re-worked build system for the existing feature set (MQTT v3.1.1)

  • Knock out the existing GitHub issues and pull requests
  • Rework the build system:
    • Mark the autotools and GNU Make systems as deprecated.
    • Rework CMake using more "modern" and encapsulated techniques
    • Ensure Windows builds work better
    • Add a Git Submodule pointing to the Paho C library and automatically build it

Next Major Release (Early 2019)

Support for MQTT v5 and WebSockets

  • Wrap the new Paho C v1.3
    • Support for MQTT v5
    • WebSockets
  • Better coverage of information coming back from the server
  • Better error reporting

If anyone has any other feature requests or issues to report, now would be the time to put them up on GitHub.


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