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Re: [paho-dev] Paho C 1.3.0 reconnection issue

Hi Milan,

I've been working on the Java client service release as well as the implementation of the MQTT V5 support in the Java client.  (For the moment, I also have the _javascript_ and embedded C clients to look after, although unfortunately I haven't been able to focus on those either.)   In the last two weeks I've been taking some of my unused vacation after getting the Java service release out.  I was going to get back to looking at the C client as soon as I could, unfortunately there was/is more work involved in the Java client updates than I was expecting, so I felt I had to concentrate on that to at least achieve a service release, as that had been long overdue.   A colleague of mine was originally working on it, but moved on before finishing, so I had to take over.

The description of the issue in 604 is 'semaphore posted too many times'.  This sounds like an inconvenience, but perhaps not a high priority issue.  I think it's better to start with a description of the external effects, like that below ('reconnect can take up to 25 mins') rather than the internal behaviour, as then it's easier to prioritize.

One question I have is, does this happen if the connection is not using TLS?



On 05/03/2019 09:35, Milan Tucic wrote:
Hello community,
Is there anyone who can try to reproduce issue with reconnection on Paho C 1.3.0? In case of a permanent connection, once it is lost, next successful connect will be postponed depending on number of signals sent to connect semaphore. In my case it was more then 50 connect retries.  Depending on period, loss takes a lot of time (e.g. 50 x 30s = 25min).

The same can't be reproduced with Paho 1.2.0.

It is posted to project's github, but no word for more then one month. Link:

If there something more to clarify, just ask.

Thank you,

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