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Re: [paho-dev] MQTT 5 Java

Hi Konrad,

the maintainer of the Java client left the project for another role, and so I have stepped in.  I finished off the MQTT V5 implementation of the C client first, as that was my primary responsibility.

I've been looking at the Java client for the past month or two, with two goals:

1) a service release of the V3 client, answering some of the top issues:

2) finishing off the V5 implementation.

I've put fixes in for a number of the highest priority V3 client issues, so I plan on making a service release 1.2.1, soon.  Hopefully this week.  There will still be some issues I want to fix soon, but they could wait for a 1.2.2 or 1.3, as I want to get the V5 client out too.

On the V5 implementation, I started by thinking I would finish off the half-finished implementation.  I realized that there were a lot of tests missing, however, so I started filling in those gaps, but it was difficult to fix the issues I found.  I had experimented with an implementation based on Vert.x, an asynchronous event framework, and that looked promising, so now I'm focussing on that implementation (keeping the external API largely the same).  It can be found in the vertx branch:

I hope to have a fairly complete V5 implementation in the next two weeks.  Writing the tests needed is as much work as the client implementation.  I'm open to any collaboration or contributions. 

I've also added code coverage measurement with Jacoco for all the packages, incidentally.


On 12/02/2019 10:01, Konrad Borowiecki wrote:


I would like to ask about when will paho Java API feature the MQTT v5.


The page:

says that v5 is not supported and on the internet I found that paho is planning to add v5 support to Java after C.

Some sources mentioned that it is planned to happen around June 2018.

Since half year has passed I wonder if this was already added to Java API or is happening soon?



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