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Re: [paho-dev] Website update to the Eclipse Solstice Theme - any volunteers to help?

Ian Craggs <icraggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> thanks for the input.  The main motivation I had for including the
> Twitter feed was to make the web page more dynamic and useful with
> frequently updated information, which wasn't an extra overhead to
> maintain.

Thanks for taking my ranting seriously.

> I presume we could have our own widget which subscribed in some way to
> a Twitter feed, perhaps though our own (MQTT) intermediary.  Would
> that be better?

Yes - I don't object to the content or the dynamic nature at all.  It is
only having the user's browser contact an advertising company that
bothers me.  So if the content is hosted at some site, and
fetched from there, then that seems fine.  That is what I was getting at
with mastodon, which seems (not having done it) to be the easiest path.

Looking at now, I see that there are
currently third-party reference to

I am not an expert on GDPR compliance, but I suspect that people that
allow their browsers to load third-party resources would get tracking
cookies from at least some of those.

I also realize that what the paho page is doing is not unusual.

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