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[paho-dev] Differences between paho-c and mosquitto

Hi all,

I would like to apply a robust MQTT cpp library on linux system in my project. I have seen there are two directions of development of this topic by eclipse. Which one is called mosquittopp ( and second one is called paho.mqtt.cpp ( Whereas I found a few of forum in this topic, I can't decide which is the best from aspects like up-to-date, robustness, stability.

Mainly I am interested in when I should choose mosquittopp and when paho.mqtt.cpp?

Probably the answer lies in details, I saw mosquittopp based on mosquitto until paho.mqtt.cpp based on paho.mqtt.c. Which are the differents between two C library?

Most important aspects for me:
- The project is compiled on AMD and ARM architecture, used OS: Ubuntu and Debian.
- Fast C/C++ bugs fixes and supports.
- stability, robustness.

If this question already asked, I am sorry and please link to me that section of topic where I can find the answer.

Thanking your reply in advance.
Best regards,
Makó Kristóf

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