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Re: [paho-dev] Contributing and coding standards?

Hello Ian, thank you for the response!

On 11/13/2018 05:48 AM, Ian Craggs wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> that's great news!  I'm just about to start looking at the embedded C
> project again, with the immediate goal of finished off the MQTT V5
> support.  I'd also like to complete the threaded async version that I
> intended to write years ago.  (And proper example integration with at
> least one TLS library).

Oooh, MQTT5 :)  In my case I'm going to be doing everything in a single
thread with selects and/or polls.  I guess I'm kind-of in the camp of
having synchronization implemented in a way that it can be "compiled
out" or even swapped out (perhaps via C++ template parameter?)  Either way.

I'm not familiar with FreeRTS, Arduino or CC3200 and it's probably safe
to assume that support for many other OSes, architectures and OS-less
chips/boards will be desired by somebody at some point.  While I don't
want to go overboard trying to design the perfect scheme to mesh with
them all, I would at least like to be close.

> I can write up the coding standards I've followed.  What's wrong with
> tabs = 2 spaces? :-)  If we did use tabs, then you could set the
> indent to whatever you like when you look at it :-)
> For each item you want to address, perhaps the best way to discuss is
> to open an issue, describe the problem and your plan, and then we, and
> any other interested party can add their comments.

This makes the most sense as there are a lot of dimensions here.

> One observation I have, is that I intended the project to be easily
> portable across operating systems and environments.  The risk of
> concentrating on one OS is that portability is lost, or hidden away. 
> I'd just like to be sure that isn't lost.
> Ian

Yes, precisely.  Thank you!


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