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[paho-dev] Contributing and coding standards?


I'm going to be using paho.mqtt.embedded-c for my project, but I want to do some clean-up first.  I'm having trouble finding the coding standards for this project.  Can anybody point me in the right direction?  I really hope it's not tabs = 2 spaces. :)

Among the things I want to address are building and installing both static and shared libraries on GNU/Linux (got that one working) and installing public header files.  I'm a bit uncertain on how to proceed with the later.  Should the installation of  embedded and standard c/c++ libraries be mutually exclusive or both be allowed to be installed on the same system?  If the later, what would be the best way to manage naming collisions?  Perhaps install headers into ${prefix}/include/mqtt/embed?

I would also like to clean up the general form of the c and c++ layers in regard to their headers, platform-specific inclusions, and choice of single vs multiple translation units.  I would like to treat the possibilities of -flto optimistically and allow for multiple TUs, while also dealing with present-day realities to support a single TU (I'm not having much luck with -flto and the C++ implementation at the moment).   Ideally, publicly installed client headers could just be included with some preprocessor define and the implementation gets included as well. 

Advice and feedback appreciated.


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