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  • [mvc-dev] master->main, Ivar Grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] Discuss Jakarta MVC 3.0 on Tomorrow's call, Ivar Grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] Release plan feeding into Jakarta EE 11 planning, Ivar Grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] Call today, Ivar Grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] Meeting today, Christian Kaltepoth
  • [mvc-dev] Jakarta MVC + Krazo maintenance releases, Christian Kaltepoth
  • [mvc-dev] Maintenance releases for MVC 2.0 + TCK, Christian Kaltepoth
  • [mvc-dev] MVC support in Glassfish 7, Christian Kaltepoth
  • [mvc-dev] MVC Monthly call for March canceled, Ivar Grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] Migrating repos to, David Blevins
  • [mvc-dev] Meeting tomorrow, Christian Kaltepoth
  • [mvc-dev] MVC in Web Profile?, Ivar Grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] Set next GlassFish version to be 6.2?, arjan tijms
  • [mvc-dev] Jakarta MVC planning meeting reminder, Christian Kaltepoth
  • [mvc-dev] MVC 2.1 plan, Ivar Grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] PMC Approval required for Committer Election for Tobias Erdle on Jakarta MVC, emo
  • [mvc-dev] #mvc @ JakartaEE Development Slack, Christian Kaltepoth
  • [mvc-dev] Committer Election for Tobias Erdle on Jakarta MVC has started, emo
  • [mvc-dev] Jakarta MVC Public Call April 1, 2021, Ivar Grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] Invitation: Jakarta MVC Planning @ Thu 2021-03-04 17:00 - 18:00 (CET) (mvc-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx), ivar . grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] Jakarta MVC Planning, Ivar Grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] Poll for new Jakarta MVC?, Ivar Grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] Release review ballot for Jakarta MVC 2.0 started, Ivar Grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] Compatibility Certification Request for Eclipse Krazo 2.0.0, Ivar Grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] Plan Review PR for Jakarta MVC 2.0, Ivar Grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] mvc interaction with SecurityContext, Steaven Woyan
  • [mvc-dev] Certification Request for Eclipse Krazo, Ivar Grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] Jakarta MVC 1.1 and Krazo 1.1.0, Ivar Grimstad
  • [mvc-dev] Jakarta MVC 1.1-SNAPSHOT doubt, Daniel Dias Dos Santos
  • [mvc-dev] Static Content with MVC, Victor Perticarrari
  • [mvc-dev] CI jobs, Christian Kaltepoth
  • [mvc-dev] Initial Contribution, Christian Kaltepoth
  • [mvc-dev] GitHub repositories, Ivar Grimstad

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