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Re: [mvc-dev] MVC support in Glassfish 7

Hi Arjan,

thanks for your quick reply.

Thanks! It's also clear from the commit I think, but for everyone just reading along here: MVC wasn't actually removed / taken out, just some parts commented out. Which of course has the effect of it not being there, but there's a subtle difference ;)

Yes, you are absolutely correct. The wording in my original mail wasn't very precise. MVC was just commented out from the web profile (according to my understanding). And it is temporary (as per comment).
The OSGi issues are typically that something is compiled against, say, CDI 3, or Weld 4. The bundle plugin then automatically pins the bundle to that exact major version. If at runtime another major version is found the OSGi runtime (Felix in GF) crashes the startup.

The solution is typically to either build against the new version, e.g. CDI 4 or Weld 5, so that the bundle is now pinned to that (it won't work on lower versions anymore then). Or, to manually set the versions in META-INF/MANIFEST.MF to a range, e.g. CDI [3, 5).

Thanks. Looks like the bundle plugin can also be configured to use different version ranges for dependencies. 

I'll have to investigate this, but if it works, a fix should be easy.



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