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[mvc-dev] Meeting today

Hi all,

we have a public holiday today in Germany (in some parts of Germany to be more precise) and I'm far away from my computer. So unfortunately I won't be able to join the meeting today (again).

However, I would like to share some thoughts about the current status.

I guess we are too late to finalize 2.1 before the EE10 release. But I don't think that this is an issue. I'm fine with releasing 2.1 at some later point.

I spent quite some time in the last two weeks working on the maintenance release of the spec API and TCK to fix the issue which showed up on Glassfish 7. As GF7 will be released soon, I would love to see MVC 2.0 support in there. Although the maintenance release fix the OSGi issue and the MVC TCK passes, we also seem to cause issues with the CDI TCK. Not sure yet what could cause this and where the problem is coming from. All the details are here:

Regarding compatibility: The 2.0 TCK now passes with Krazo 2.0.2 on GF6, GF7 and Wildfly 26. I guess that supporting OpenLiberty and Payara would be the next step?


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