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Re: [mvc-dev] Release plan feeding into Jakarta EE 11 planning

Hi Ivar,

to be honest, I'm not sure if we have a foundation to make a solid plan for Jakarta EE 11. At the moment I don't see who should do the work because you, Christian and I seem to be / are really short of free time and there were no other contributors for a long time now. Also, we don't have any user feedback on the spec that guides us towards a helpful release - most of the stuff we do is guesswork or based on personal preferences. So I do not see myself in a position to make any target-oriented plans.

Best regards,


On 08.02.23 10:30, Ivar Grimstad via mvc-dev wrote:

All Jakarta specifications have been asked by the platform project to provide feedback regarding our plans for a potential upcoming release. 

This also applies to us, even if I haven't seen much indication that Jakarta MVC will make it into the platform for Jakarta EE 11. 

The input is requested by February 14 by using this form: 

Please take a look at it and reply to this thread for discussion. 
You don't need to submit the form, I can take care of that after we have gathered information here.



Ivar Grimstad

Jakarta EE Developer Advocate | Eclipse Foundation Eclipse Foundation - Community. Code. Collaboration. 

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