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Re: [mvc-dev] Maintenance releases for MVC 2.0 + TCK

Just create the release record and release them. Service releases like these don't need any further process or review.


On Mon, Jun 6, 2022, 10:23 Christian Kaltepoth <christian@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

we recently discovered a few issues with our MVC 2.0 API and TCK releases:
  • The OSGi manifest currently states that the spec API isn't compatible with CDI 4.0 which is actually not true and is causing issues on Glassfish 7.0 nighties
  • A few TCK tests fail when executed against a container with the latest Weld versions.
Therefore, I think we should release maintenance releases of both the API JAR and the TCK. I already created corresponding maintenance branches in both repositories:

It would be great if we could release those maintenance releases soon. After this is finished, I'll start a similar process for Krazo. After that, we should be able to fix the Krazo issues on Glassfish 7.0 nighties.

@Ivar: Do I need to create releases records for these maintenance releases? I think for the TCK we never created such records, as the TCK isn't a full Eclipse project, right? Anything else I need to do before we can push these releases to the staging repo?

@All: Are there any other fixes that you think should be included in these maintenance releases?


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