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  • Re: [henshin-user] delete node problem, (continued)
  • [henshin-user] Connect all possible A and B only once, Juergen Freund
  • [henshin-user] (no subject), loic.gammaitoni
  • [henshin-user] Node Attribute Self Reference, Juergen Freund
  • [henshin-user] Problem with NullPointerException in ChangeImpl.applyAndReverse(), Joel Greenyer
  • [henshin-user] Creating "same" edge as "forbid" and "create", Joel Greenyer
  • [henshin-user] Organizational update, Christian Krause
  • [henshin-user] Henshin 1.4.0 released, Daniel Strüber
  • [henshin-user] Confused about rule application, Steffen Zschaler
  • [henshin-user] Error processing attribute update, Steffen Zschaler
  • [henshin-user] Henshin logo image, Vlad Acretoaie
  • [henshin-user] Aggregations in Henshin, Christian Krause
  • [henshin-user] Strange "Error parsing JavaScript expression" validation error, Jens Bürger
  • [henshin-user] Difference between getModule(URI) and getModule(String)?, Jens Bürger
  • [henshin-user] Rule application via GUI ->OK, via API -> error, Jens Bürger
  • [henshin-user] Complexity of the method InterpreterUtil.findAllMatches, Svetlana Arifulina
  • [henshin-user] UML state machines and dangling edges?, Jens Bürger
  • [henshin-user] An invalid Menu Extension, Alabdullatif, Mohammed A.A.
  • [henshin-user] Object Parameters, Alabdullatif, Mohammed A.A.
  • [henshin-user] state space limit, Alabdullatif, Mohammed A.A.
  • [henshin-user] Hidden states, Alabdullatif, Mohammed A.A.
  • Re: [henshin-user] [henshin-dev] Persisting nsUri instead of path, Christian Krause
  • [henshin-user] Transformation units and State space, Alabdullatif, Mohammed A.A.

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