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Re: [henshin-user] Connect all possible A and B only once

Just some thoughts off the top of my head:

  • Why not add the connection when you create the instances of A and B?
  • Alternatively, you could probably add a NAC to your connection-creating rule to make sure the connection doesn't already exist.

Best regards,


On 23/05/2017 11:24, Juergen Freund wrote:
Dear Henshin Users and Developers,

I have problem with rules which I am not able to solve.

I want to create 50 instances of a class A and 50 instances of a class B.

After that is done I want to connect all of them in a separate rule. And I only want them to connect only once.
Which means in the end there should be 50 edges more in the graph.

So what I have done:

  • Rule to create class A and class B
  • Iterated Unit which calls the rule above 50 times.

Now is the part I don't know haw to do it right.

  • Rule which creates an edge between a preserved A and a preserved B --> only one single connection is added
  • Amalgamation Rule which creates an edge between a preserved* A and a preserved* B --> each a has 50 connections to each B

I added the project with my examples. It would be nice if you could me out.

Kind regards,


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