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  • Re: [eclipse-pmc] Request API change for ProjectConfigurator, (continued)
  • [eclipse-pmc] New PMC Member, Daniel Megert
  • [eclipse-pmc] [CQ 11014] Git Logomark Version: n/a, emo-ip-team
  • [eclipse-pmc] [CQ 11009] Font Awesome Version: 4.5.0 (PB CQ10660), emo-ip-team
  • [eclipse-pmc] [CQ 11003] GitHub icons Version: N (PB CQ6253), emo-ip-team
  • [eclipse-pmc] [CQ 11002] GitHub icons Version: N/A (using Orbit CQ6253), emo-ip-team
  • [eclipse-pmc] Support of OSGi declarative services version 1.2, Lars Vogel
  • [eclipse-pmc] Solstice Intro/Welcome theme, Brian de Alwis
  • Re: [eclipse-pmc] [platform-releng-dev] Request build for Mars.2 RC4 for change in EMF pre-req, Aleksandar Kurtakov
  • [eclipse-pmc] Request build for Mars.2 RC4 for change in EMF pre-req, David M Williams
  • [eclipse-pmc] Committer vote for Eric Williams has been approved by the PMC, portal on behalf of Alexander Kurtakov
  • [eclipse-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Eric Williams, portal on behalf of emo
  • [eclipse-pmc] [CQ 10824] The Noun Project, emo-ip-team
  • [eclipse-pmc] [API removal request] JGit lib.Tree API, Andrey Loskutov
  • [eclipse-pmc] PDE Build, Daniel Megert
  • [eclipse-pmc] [CQ 10543] Support for OSGi ds spec version 1.2, emo-ip-team
  • [eclipse-pmc] [CQ 10420] ICU4J and ICU Replacement Version: 56.1, emo-ip-team
  • [eclipse-pmc] SWT on Java 8, Aleksandar Kurtakov
  • [eclipse-pmc] [CQ 10409] Bug 378644 - [Workbench] All but 1 window and 1 perspective lost when starting 3.x workspace with 4 .2, emo-ip-team
  • [eclipse-pmc] [CQ 10408] Bug 432466 - [MinMax] Multiple Windows with SharedEditorArea not supported https://bugs.eclipse. org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=432466, emo-ip-team
  • [eclipse-pmc] Leadership Addition to Platform UI, Daniel Megert
  • [eclipse-pmc] Fw: Vote: Move Platform Text into Platform UI, Daniel Megert
  • [eclipse-pmc] Regrets, John Arthorne
  • [eclipse-pmc] [CQ 10273] Include non-prefix matches in auto-complete suggestions, emo-ip-team
  • [eclipse-pmc] Correction: PDE not Debug Leadership Change, Daniel Megert
  • Re: [eclipse-pmc] [equinox-dev] Committer vote for Stefan Xenos has concluded successfully, Lars Vogel
  • [eclipse-pmc] Co-Lead for PDE, Daniel Megert
  • [eclipse-pmc] Updated API Removal Process, Daniel Megert
  • [eclipse-pmc] Update of API Removal Process, Daniel Megert
  • [eclipse-pmc] Leadership Changes for Debug, Daniel Megert

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