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Re: [eclipse-pmc] [platform-releng-dev] Announcing a change in Releng leadership

David, thank you very much  for all the important work you've done for Platform Releng but also many other areas, like Planning Council, the release train and Orbit. It was a pleasure to work with you, and I will miss you!

I'm glad that with Sravan we have a good candidate for the role as new Platform Releng project lead.



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Date:        10.08.2016 20:48
Subject:        [platform-releng-dev] Announcing a change in Releng leadership
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Platform releng committers (and other readers of this list),

I am sad to say I must say "good bye" as Releng project lead. Due to an up-coming job change I will no longer be able to give Releng the attention it needs. I will stay on as a committer for a while, but realistically do not think I will have time to do much "committing" but can probably answer questions if I know the answer off the top of my head.

But, I am very happy to recommend that Sravan Lakkimsetti be elected as the new (sole) Platform Releng Project Lead.

While it may seem odd to nominate a Lead that has just officially become a committer yesterday, there is more to the story than most readers will know about. For one, Sravan has been an SWT committer for several years, and has had lots of experience "internally" doing builds, using Hudson, etc. For another, even at the first of the this year I started working closely with Sravan with the idea of him being by "backup" for times that I am not available. And then, several months ago it became obvious I was going on a "permanent vacation." So since then Sravan and I have been working hard and much more closely with the idea he would be taking over this role. And I think all would agree he has recently proven himself worthy.

I believe the process is that now committers can vote +1 (or 0 or -1)  for Sravan, or, if they wanted, to nominate some other committer (though, with so few committers I doubt there would be anyone willing or able. The voting takes place here on the platform-releng-dev list (no portal GUI for Project Lead votes, still) and lasts for one week unless all committers vote before that week is up -- which I think is fair expectation in this case. Once the voting is complete we forward to the EMO for final affirmation.  I have pasted below the list of current Releng committers who are eligible to vote on the new Project Lead.  

Please join me in welcoming (and thanking!) Sravan for taking on this extra responsibility.

Thank you,

P.S. The last day I will receive mail at my IBM email address is 8/16. After that, I can be reached via email or 'google chat' at daddavidw@xxxxxxxxx.

= = = = = = =

Current committers who can vote on Project Lead:

Markus Keller
Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti
Dani Megert
David Williams

I am not sure of the exact rules, but since

Alexander Kurtakov

is nearly a committer (just "waiting for provisioning", I believe)
it would not hurt, IMHO, if Alex voted too if he would like to.
[I primarily want to be sure there is no question that "everyone" has voted,
if everyone votes before the one-week deadline, and do no know how it counts if someone becomes
a committer in the middle of the week-long waiting period].

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