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[eclipse-pmc] Request to backport Bug 495567 - Properties view shows a "dirty" state

Hi all,

To fix bug 495567 ( the new API was added in 4.7: 

protected boolean

The new method is not abstract, and the PropertySheet class is not intended to be extended (@noextend), so it should not break client code for "good" clients.

There is a small chance that someone extended this class (1) and implemented same method with the similar signature (2), which would break that client. Practically, I don't think that conditions 1&2 have significant probability to appear at same time.

Since the bug itself is annoying for clients of the Properties view, I would like to request the approval from PMC to backport this fix to 4.6.x stream.

The patch consists of two parts: and The second part introduces API change.

Please note, that by my fault, I've overseen that I've introduced new API to PropertySheet and we've already merged the patch to R4_6_maintenance.

Kind regards,
Andrey Loskutov

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