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[eclipse-pmc] Request to backport improvement in default naming scheme of Smart Import

Hi all,

In,  there an enhancement about how 2 folders with same names get named as projects inside the IDE when using "File > Open projects for filesystem": rather than having one called myModule and the other called myModule_(1), they'd get called myModule and the other called myComponent_myModule (with myComponent being the name of the parent folder). This patch was pushed into master about a month ago, and this choice of naming was based on discussion with BuildShip maintainers on the platform-ui-dev mailing-list.

As it's improving greatly the user experience for big projects (I usually take wildfly as example which has a lot of folders called "impl" and being maven modules) and the change doesn't add much risk (on the contrary, the change includes a very good test cases to prevent from regressions), I believe it's a good candidate for backport into Neon maintenance branch.

Can PMC please review this request for backport?
Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer at JBoss, by Red Hat
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