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[eclipse-pmc] Backport request: Bug 496845 - Unable to open a file from command line with specific line number

Dear PMC,

In 4.6 we added functionality to allow specifying a line and column number to '--openFile'.  From the discussion on the original bug (Bug #305336), there were three standards to support:

path+3 (line 3)
path:3 (line 3)
path:3:4 (line 3 + column 4)
path+3:4 (line 3 + column 4)

So the column was always specified with a colon.  It turns out GTK treats the colon as a special character, so that it is impossible to specify a column.

For 496845 I modified the regex to allow specifying the column using a '+'.  The actual patch for 4.7 did some refactoring and added some tests.  For 4.6.1 I'd like to just change the regex used:

The risk is minimal.


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