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  • Re: [stp-dev] Integration of Service Creation with Policy Editor planned for Ganymede release, (continued)
  • [stp-dev] Storing and discovering XML Schemas for ws-policy assertions in Policy Editor, Andrei Shakirin
  • [stp-dev] Buckminster build system document, Alex Chen
  • [stp-dev] Core no longer built as part of STP Builds, Adrian Skehill
  • [stp-dev] OSGI component support in Service Creation, Andrei Shakirin
  • [stp-dev] Planning for STP 1.0, Adrian Skehill
  • [stp-dev] Project meta data is out of date for stp, portal on behalf of emo
  • [stp-dev] Revision 1422 for BPMN: i18n and xy layout edit polices improvements, Antoine Toulme
  • [stp-dev] Updated status for adding libraries to Orbit, Huang, Qiong Feng (Jonathan)
  • [stp-dev] Re: AW: [jwt-dev] Re: STP IM and JWT metamodel, Adrian Mos
  • [stp-dev] SCA component introspection, Vatkov, Bogdan
  • [stp-dev] Interesting conversation on the JWT list, Oisin Hurley
  • [stp-dev] newbie - Is this the place for BPMN modeler questions, ilango
  • [stp-dev] Build STP using Buckminster, Alex Chen
  • [stp-dev] SCA JAva, Chandrashekhar Jain
  • [stp-dev] development environment, Chandrashekhar Jain
  • [stp-dev] The old build system (PDE) has been changed to support svn, Huang, Qiong Feng (Jonathan)
  • [stp-dev] Tree View for SCA Assembly Editor?, Johnson Ma
  • [stp-dev] OSOA Schema License Terms updated, Oisin Hurley
  • [stp-dev] Last Call for Third-Party Packages...., Oisin Hurley
  • [stp-dev] Add unit test to verify the intergation between STP and runtime, Grid Qian
  • [stp-dev] New STP web site goes live!, Johnson Ma
  • [stp-dev] [Fwd: [Announce] BPMN2 component proposal], Etienne Juliot
  • [stp-dev] some of STP features out of date, Alex Chen
  • [stp-dev] SVN Structure Proposal for STP, Andrea Zoppello
  • [stp-dev] Moving XEF editor from servicecreation to policy, David Bosschaert
  • [stp-dev] about Buckminster for STP, Alex Chen
  • [stp-dev] Please provide personal information, Xu, Fugang (Denny)
  • Re: [stp-dev] Look and feel proposal for integration of XEF and WTP-based policy editors, Andrei Shakirin
  • [stp-dev] [Fwd: Re: always get internal error after finishing reslove], Alex Chen
  • [stp-dev] Welcome Christophe Hamerling as a new stp Committer, portal on behalf of Oisin Hurley
  • [stp-dev] SCA Composite Tools is commited, Etienne Juliot

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