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Re: [stp-dev] SVN Structure Proposal for STP


That's something similar to CVS, which you have to checkout every sub module like org.eclipse.stp.servicecreation, org.eclipse.stp.soas etc. one by one.

Actually, I enjoy that I only need to checkout svn+ssh:// and can import all projects
of STP in my Eclipse in one step.

Things will be worse if more interactions happen in STP sub projects, e.g. if you want to work on service creation, then have to check out soas sub project too, we have to put this information to wiki and update it from time to time.

btw, that also make build system complex, just think of the trunk of org.eclipse.stp.servicecreation depend on a fix branch of org.eclipse.stp.soas etc.


Andrea Zoppello wrote:
Hi All,

Looking at current svn repository organization it seems that now we've an organization where "trunk" "tag" and "branch" are referred to the "whole stp project" so we've something like:


I think that it's better we'll have the trunk/branch/tag structure for each eclipse subproject, separately from the main STP as it allows for better control over each project.

to be more concise i'll use <stp-svn-root> for the base stp svn url svn+ssh://

Let's take for examples the STP Intermediate Model Project ( org.eclipse.stp.model in SVN )

I would like to have a structure like:
-------------------------------------------/ ( Workspace Project ) -------------------------------------------/ ( Workspace Project ) ------------------------------------------ / ( Workspace Project )

for other subproject the same structure.

Just have a few minute conversation with a guy in my company ( he's managing our svn ) about that argument ant he confirm me that this is the best organization for complex projects/subprojects situations
managed by different actors as it seem to be for the stp project.

In our company we're using that organization at it fit quite well.

Any comments is welcome.

Andrea Zoppello

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